Top 12 Incense Fragrances

As a trend in packaging, incense boxes are becoming more and more popular. This is because they have the power to attract customers toward your brand with their fragrances. We will go over some tips for attracting customers with custom packaging boxes wholesale and tuck end boxes.

In this blog post, we will be discussing the rising trend of custom incense packaging in the packaging industry. Incense fragrances have been around for centuries, and they are used as a way to create a pleasant environment or relieve stress. In recent years, incense box wholesale has become an important part of marketing your business because it is one of the most effective ways to advertise your brand identity. We will also talk about tuck end boxes and how they can help you market your brand more effectively.

We all know that incense can be a great way to relax, and while each fragrance has their own specific uses, they are also linked with different positive effects on your state of mind. For example, one type might work best for meditation or contemplation while another smells better in the bath! If you’re not sure which kind would suit you best, take our quick quiz below:

  • Do I want something more calming? Yes/No
  • Am I looking for an aroma specifically designed to stimulate my senses? Yes/No
  • 3Is it important that this scent last longer than others, so it doesn’t burn out quickly? Yes/No
  • Would you prefer if these scents didn’t make me cough? Yes/No

12 Incense Fragrances to Attract More Customers


I love burning cinnamon incense sticks for something to do with my free time. They are ideal when I am practicing Yoga and stretching out my limbs because they have preventative properties for infections, help me focus better on what is important while relieving muscle tension in the process.

The smell of Cinnamon can help reduce blood pressure by improving circulation throughout the cardiovascular system. The aroma has also been found to have painkilling properties when it comes to headaches caused by stress or exhaustion. It’s perfect for those who need an energy boost during work or school with no jitters associated with caffeine!


A sweet floral fragrance with a light touch of spice from Jasmine’s delicate petals is known as one of the best fragrances to create an environment conducive to love and romance. It will bring out affectionate feelings within those who smell it while lifting their moods so they may stay happy all day long!

It is not uncommon for me to burn Jasmine incense sticks in our home. It’s one of the more exotic fragrances that I use because it has a calming aroma meant to relieve stress and anxiety, as well as have a soothing effect on those who are feeling nervous or anxious about anything from work-related issues to social interactions.


This scent reminds me of my childhood days when I would wait patiently for wintertime so we could go out into the backyard with hot chocolate and cinnamon doughnuts while smelling fresh scents like mint sprigs burning alongside us. The oils released by this fragrance help clear breathing passages, which makes it perfect for asthmatics and people with respiratory problems!


Lavender, a beautiful flower that is only found in a handful of countries. Lavender’s benefit to mental health has been known for centuries and has persisted throughout time as one of the most popular scents today. This floral scent can help with anxiety and tension by creating an environment that will relax your mind so it may heal itself on its own accord.

Lemon Grass

Lemon Grass is traditionally used by yogis to increase concentration and relieve mental fatigue. Burning this essential oil during meditation will stimulate your self-awareness while restoring a sense of calmness to the mind.

Lemon Verbena

One of the most underrated scents in incense, Lemon Verbena, has been used for centuries to reduce stress and anxiety. This scent can help you find peace in your day-to-day life through aromatherapy that also relieves tension headaches, lifts depression, and creates feelings of euphoria.

Lotus and White Musk

Lotus and White Musk is a scent to bring about feelings of harmony, peace, serenity. They are often used in Southeast Asian cultures for meditation or other spiritual purposes because they create tranquility in the mind and body while releasing negative thoughts that may be preventing you from living your best life.

Lotuses are said to have been revered throughout history due to how fragrant they can be when burned on incense sticks or lit candles during meditation sessions–a practice that helps one meditate smoothly while keeping them grounded in reality, so nothing distracts from focusing solely on themselves internally (or externally). Tuck end boxes are the most used boxes for the Incense packaging, these boxes help them keeping safe and dry from environment.

Japanese incense sticks are often made from yakitori bamboo and sandalwood. The Japanese use these incenses for rituals, prayers, purification of space or people to create a better atmosphere in their homes before guests arrive and when they welcome new arrivals into the family home.


The sweet, homey scent of Vanilla incense is the perfect way to create a cozy environment and promote feelings of love. Burn it when you have guests over or before bedtime for its healing properties.

Vintage Rose

With its heady floral scent, Tuberose has been used for centuries to relieve headaches and enhance romantic moods. Inspired by the favorite flower of Aphrodite herself, Vintage Rose’s calming effects are perfect for stress management or relieving feelings of being out-of-balance.

Ylang Ylang

The Ylang ylang is a fragrant flower that comes from the Philippines. It has been used for centuries as an essential oil in cooking, medicine, and cosmetics because of its soothing properties. Burning incense with this scent helps to relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety while also enhancing your inner confidence filled your warmth with joy!

Red Mandarin

The sweet, citrusy Red Mandarin incense has a mellow aroma that instantly creates an inviting atmosphere to relax in after a long day at work or when your senses are overwhelmed by hectic environments.

Passionfruit Tea Leaf

Infused with green tea leaves popularized across Asia, Passionfruit Tea leaf is refreshingly bright with fruity notes reminiscent of honeydew melon blended together seamlessly with soft floral undertones.


We hope this blog post has helped you find the perfect fragrance for your business or at least given you some more options to explore. If not, we have a variety of other fragrances that might be just right for your brand and customers. And if none of these are quite what you’re looking for, feel free to contact us so we can help create something custom-made!

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