Refrigerator Buying Guide 2021

Your ideal refrigerator depends on your cooling demands, energy-saving requirements, and personal style preferences. Looking for the best refrigerators in India? There’s no one correct answer. Here’s a buying guide to consider before shelling out your money.

Fridge Layout and Style

Fridges come in a variety of layouts and styles. The most traditional design is the top freezer fridge. There are also bottom freezer options. Both these designs have two doors with one of top of the other- one for the fridge and another for the freezer. There are more fashionable French door fridges. These models have two doors for the best refrigerator in India (double door fridge) with a freezer at the bottom. 

Then there are side-by-side double door fridges where the freezer is simply on the adjacent side of the fridge. These are the classic double door fridges. Single door fridges are also a popular option for those with a space-crunch in their homes. Finally, for kitchenettes, dorm rooms, or workspaces there are compact fridges, which are around half the size of a regular refrigerator. Compact fridges do not have a separate freezer but have a freezing compartment.

Size and Storage

The sizes of fridges range from as low as 24 inches to the standard 36 inches. The typical side-by-side fridge measures at around 67 to 70 inches in height, 30 to 36 inches in width, and 29 to 35 inches in depth. Its total volume ranges anywhere around 22.5 to 31 cubic feet, with around 14.5 to 20 cubic feet dedicated to the refrigerator portion. A family of four will do well with a fridge that’s sized between 19 to 22 cubic feet. 

As for storage, most manufacturers recommend 19 to 22 cubic feet for a family of four. If you are used to bulk-buying groceries, then more storage is preferable. A volume of 30 to 33 cubic feet may be preferable. Measure the location you plan to put your fridge in before you shop for it. Buy a model such that there is enough room for the fridge doors to swing open. Ensure you leave a bit of extra space — at least 1 inch — for your fridge to release heat and remain cool.

Energy Consumption

Appliances come with a 5-star rating on how energy efficient they are. The higher the rating, the lesser power your fridge consumes for the same cooling. 5-star fridges are more expensive than 3-star or 1-star fridges, but they make a good investment in the long run by helping you save on electricity costs. A 3-star fridge also works well to reduce power consumption without being too hefty of an investment.

Another energy-saving investment is to go for a fridge with inverter technology. Inverter fridges tend to be more highly-priced than non-inverter fridges. However, non-inverter fridges tend to consume more power due to their motor compressors. Low power input in inverter refrigerators can help reduce electricity costs by 30%-50% every month.


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