Which are the types of phone chargers available?3 min read

A concern many of us have is to keep our smartphones charged. Since Apple decided not to include chargers in the boxes of the new products, starting with iPhone 12, and Samsung is moving towards the same policy, we can not rely only on the cable and charger provided when we purchase it. Hence, we must surround ourselves with more options. 

The concern to keep the smartphone charged is added up by the worry about which type of extra charger to buy, since it can prejudice the battery lifespan in long-term. Thinking about it, we select a few cell phone chargers worth looking into.  


Before talking about charges, we must stress the importance of good and suitable cables, once, without it, you will rely only on wireless chargers — that have yet to come popular around. The cables have experienced a lot of changes in the last decade, where the usage of smartphones became an essential part of our lives. 

From 30-pin to lightning cable, Apple remained exclusive to its own devices, and the usage of other brands’ cables could easily prejudice the battery lifespan. On a different path, Samsung, LG, and Motorola went for variations of USB docks, and this made it possible to swap cables from different companies for charging the smartphones without sensible damage to battery. 

Before the charger itself, make sure you have more than one cable for charging your smartphone. Nowadays, there are other options besides the one that comes with your phone, such as longer versions of cables that reach up to 9 ft. 

Qualcomm chargers

Qualcomm chargers became quite a hit in the market, promising full charging four times faster than average. The brand is often used by Nokia, LG, and Xiaomi. The last one is commonly known by its quality when the subject is battery lifetime. 

Despite being the go-to charger chosen by these three big cell phone companies, Qualcomm products are eligible for Apple and Samsung too.

Apple fast charger 

Every year, Apple launches a new version of the iPhone, yet the main concern persists: are the batteries going to last longer and match the advanced software that rapidly consumes it? The battery itself may remain an issue unsolved, but Apple took notice of complaints and launched the Apple fast charger, available for iPhones from 8th generation on.

With one of the most powerful potencies, which reaches up to 29 watts, the Apple fast charger changed the classic USB dock for a USB-C one, which guarantees a complete charging in half of the usual time. 

MagSafe charger

We crave for a wireless world with fewer cables to deal with. Therefore, MagSafe Charge came to solve part of the Apple customers problems: a wireless charger.

As an evolution of the MagSage technology present in the MacBooks, the MagSafe charger is a cute circle that comes with USB-C and lightning docks, charging iPhones and iPads with a 20 watts potency that ensures almost the same power as the traditional cord-based chargers. 

Qi wireless charger

Other brands users must not be sad: wireless charger technology has arrived for Samsung, Nokia, LG, Motorola, and Xiaomi. The Qi wireless charger comes in two versions: the circular and the pad one. 

With half the potency of MagSafe (10W), those chargers are compatible with most brands. With the pad version, you can charge not only your smartphone but also tablets, smartwatches and wireless earphones.

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