Refrigerator Buying Guide in India 20203 min read

we’re here to suggest buying a fridge Based on some of the aspects like Space, Capacity.

Measure the space 

Before buying the Refrigerator you must Measure the space in your home where the fridge will live, you need to make sure the fridge you choose will fit with enough space around the sides and rear for ventilation also take into account space for the fridge doors to open you don’t want it crashing into any benchtops cupboards or furniture.


Before buying the fridge you should note the capacity. Fridge capacity 400 litres is a good starting point if you’re a couple of bottle in mind the types of food you buy and try and accommodate for this for example if you’re big on your fruit and veg you might need a little more space in your crisper if you’re a family of four your fridge will need to be around 520 to 600 litres again this may vary depending on the types of food you buy and how often you shop.

 Fridge and freezer placement

Before buying the refrigerator you should know the placement. Fridge and freezer placement there are four key styles of fridges choose from a top-mount freezer bottom mount freezer side-by-side or French door this is based on personal preference.

 But also height consideration if you’re shorter a bottom mount freezer might mean you forget about things on the top shelf of a large fridge if you’re taller it might get annoying to always have to crouch to get things out of the crisper in a top-mount freezer fridge work out which space you would be using most in your fridge and that will help you figure out which type of placement works for you.

Energy Efficiency

 Energy efficiency in larger fridges tend to consume more energy side by side fridges also use more powerful features such as ice dispensers or chilled water dispensers will again increase your energy use make sure you think about this when considering the price of the fridge the price of purchase versus the future cost of running the fridge. Before buying the refrigerator must ensure the energy efficiency of the fridge.


Before buying a refrigerator you need a specific style for your kitchen on your opinion. This is personal preference your fridge can seamlessly match your kitchen or stand out as a feature it’s a – you finally check if the fridge you wants need specialist installation choosing the right fridge is important it should be an appliance that will last you for years so choose one that’s right for you now and also for later in the future.

Some have big flashy touch screens here loaded with fridge apps for things like recipe support or flipping timers other smart fridges are a lot more subtle they’ll have things like built-in smart grid support or Bluetooth speakers those kinds of connected features probably don’t justify the extra expense on their own. they do not come cheap but these are also top-of-the-line fridges.


We hope you will get a better idea of buying refrigerators. We also have the list of 5 Best Refrigerator under 25000 to make your work easier.  

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