Quality checklists of AAC Block Masonry2 min read

AAC blocks or Autoclaved Aerated Concrete blocks are load-bearing, lightweight, durable and non-toxic building materials that comes in different sizes and strengths. Using AAC Blocks are highly cost-effective in nature, resistant to pests and insects these AAC blocks adds numerous advantages to the construction industries, furthermore, It is of utmost importance to do a high-quality check of AAC blocks before starting the construction.   

The following checklist can help you to check whether the block used in the construction site is suitable or not. 

  • Stacking: Stacking should be done only on an even and levelled ground surface above 100 -200 mm.
  • Jointing:  The Jointing limit should be up to 10 to 12mm with a regular motor and a ready-made jointing mortar ranging from 3 to 4mm
  • Coping:  It is necessary to ensure that the coping beam with 2 number of 8 diameter reinforcement bar after 1.2 to 1.4 m height from the start level
  • Mortar for Masonry: For AAC Blocks a Ready-made jointing chemical with 3 to 4 mm thickness or with conventional cement mortar with a 1:6 ratio is required
  • Lintel: There should be a minimum of 15mm support for the lintel at both bedsides and Lintels should be placed on a motar bed
  • Wetting of Block: Dip the AAC block in water and lift immediately or apply water with a brush before application of motar
  • Curing of Masonry: Curing is required only for cement motar joint and not required for ready-made mortar jointing
  • Cutting of Block: The tool Rotary cutter or Hacksaw/hand wood saw  is used for cutting the block 
  • Plaster: Minimum external plaster thickness should be ranging from 12-15 mm 
  • Tolerance: It is important to check verticality and the alignment of the AAC Block to ensure there is no deviation of more than 10 mm in alignment and 5mm in verticality for 3m height

Magna Green’s AAC blocks are soundproof and resistant to rot, insects and pests and easy to use and high-insulating, the thermal conductivity level of the AAC Bricks keep the room temperature warm during winter and cool in summer. Magna Green’s Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) is a certified green building material, which is porous, non-toxic, reusable, renewable and recyclable can be used for commercial, industrial and residential construction. 

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