How to select the Best Conveyor for Large Heavy Plastic Parts?2 min read

High impact conveyor belt is the best conveyor for the Large Heavy Plastic parts industry. These conveyors have the capability of conveying large, heavy, plastic moulded parts and are designed specifically to handle the force of large heavy parts without damaging your parts or the conveyor system.

Factors to be considered in selecting the Best Conveyor for Large Heavy Plastic Parts:

  • Conveyor design: Heavy-duty conveyor belting and a slider-bed drop zone design will allow the conveyor to endure the intense impact that occurs repeatedly when heavy products are dropped onto a conveyor.
  • Conveyor maintenance: Factors that are considered for maintenance requirements are Belt adjustments, self-tracking and frequent replacement.
  • Ease & Cost of Repair:  Look for conveyor systems that can be repaired quickly and easily without specialized labour, however, belts are usually the most costly replacement item on any conveyor, the typical lifetime of a PVC conveyor belt is 18 months. 

High impact conveyor systems can get many years of productivity that are designed specifically to meet the demanding needs of conveying large heavy plastic parts. It is also necessary to choose the right conveyor belts for the Product or Material being conveyed. A flat belt is suitable for many applications involving simple conveyance of packaged materials, large or large or heavy objects might require a more sturdy option such as modular plastic belting. For products like food and pharmaceuticals will require equipment to undergo rigorous washdown, and conveyor belting is the ideal belting solution that will be able to withstand regular exposure to harsh chemicals.  Modular Belt from Spectra Plast is known for its lightweight and therefore requires only light support structures, such as low-power motor equipment, which reduces the energy cost. The product design also enables easy replacement of tiny components. Both plastic and metal conveying belts from Spectra Plast are a great choice for the food processing business.

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