How Pneumatic Conveyor is useful for the chemical industry?2 min read

Pneumatic conveyors are a popular choice for the chemical industry for conveying while moving bulk materials, either from storage facilities to a processing unit or between process units. Therefore, pneumatic conveying technology itself has been an influential choice between pneumatic and mechanical systems (such as conveyor belts or vibratory systems).

Altomech has a big application experience base for the chemical industry for a pneumatic conveying solution which typically has unique challenges to equipment design, corrosion, explosivity, pH, cross-contamination, and toxicity.

Pneumatic conveyors help to create a streamlined process in the chemical industry that reduces solids handling. The transfer unit can be installed directly onto the receiving vessel and is usually connected to the first source of powder via a flexible hose, thus reducing the necessity for overhead hoists, lifts or elevators.

The pneumatic conveyor systems are installed for chemical industries to process

  1. Conveying Mixing and blending powders
  2. Conveying Granulating materials
  3. Conveying Milling and crushing materials conveying Dried powders

Pneumatic conveying is the simplest way to transport dry bulk materials by using low-cost efficient equipment which is simple and consists of a pressure vessel that pumps the materials such as powders, granules or other dry bulk materials via closed horizontal or vertical pipelines by using compressed air to use low velocity for less wear of the pipelines and your products.

Pneumatic conveyors can help your process operate more efficiently by providing control of transfer rates, and reducing the manpower required to charge it into a vessel. It can also improve product quality, reliability, and safety during the transfer of material from one location to another.

Altomech’s Pneumatic conveyors are designed to serve the chemical industry needs right from processes such as material handling, milling, screening, mixing, drying dosing and they can be used in various applications such as paints, construction chemical, plastic chemical food chemicals, agricultural chemicals, petrochemicals, soaps and detergents and many more.

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