Everything You Should Know About Glasscutter6 min read

Everything You Should Know About Glasscutter

Glass cutters are things which you should be very careful when you are choosing them. You cannot afford to go wrong on them. This is because you will have a very hectic working day as you are doing a hard job.

If you are a professional glass cutter, then you understand what glass cutters are. A glass cutter is simply a tool used for cutting glasses. They come in different types, whereby some use a diamond tip to cut glasses while others use tungsten carbide (hardened steel). Tungsten glass cutters are long-lasting as compared to those designed with steel.

Glass cutters have wheels made of different diameters, and they appear in different sizes and shapes. Their handles appear in various designs and materials. They appear in shapes such as pistol grip, pencil grip, Thomas grip, and customized grip. Glass cutters possessing the best quality designed from recent technologies, serve as crucial tools to a glazier. 

What can you do with a glasscutter?

A glass cutter makes a shallow score in one of the surfaces of a piece of glass, which is to be broken into two parts. This scoring does make a split in the surface of the glass that does encourage to break. Here are some of the things which you can do with glass cutters:

•    It does make a shallow score in the glass surface 

One of the many reasons why the glass cutters are very safe for glass cutting is because one of the ways it uses when it does come to the glass cutting. It does work by making some shallow scores to be able to form the scoring line when later you can be able to snap glass easily. 

•    Glass cutters can create special designs

Glass does have a way of being able to create very unique as well as a comfortable feel for any house. This material is common, and it does give a feel of wealth and leisure. But, for the designs to look great, you will need the glass cutter to score the right shape and angle. In this case, it is essential to invest in a high-quality glass cutter for the amazing glass designs. 

What safety measures would you take when using a glass cutter?

Make regular inspections of the cutter to ensure that it is in a good functioning state. Ensure that the working surface is rigid to prevent flexing, which might break the glass.

Lubricate the cutting wheel with machine oil to enhance efficiency while working. Make sure to wear protective leather gloves and safety glasses to prevent being hurt pieces of broken glass. Always clean dirt from the glass to prevent stalling the cutting wheel’s surface.

Ensure that you make a firm grasp of the glass cutter to prevent it from falling onto the glass surface. It can result in more mess and damage to the glass. Examine any minor breakages on the glass before cutting it to prevent spontaneous breakage. Avoid hitting the glass on hard surfaces as it might result in breakage.

Ensure you work in a well-arranged environment to allow easy transportation of the glasses around the room. Remove any unnecessary tools from the workroom as they can trigger stumbling resulting in breaking the glass and the cutter.

It is important to ensure that the working floor is dry and has a fluffy carpet as it reduces the risk of glass breakage. Place the glasses in a carton container to minimize breakages. 

Glass cutters vs. the glazier. Which one is most suitable for you?

Glass cutters help you choose the suitable glass for your project and cut the glass into different shapes according to your project. On the other hand, glaziers work by cutting the glass, fixing, or removing glass by following a given outline concerning the shape, size, and glass.

Glass cutters offer additional safety to different glasses, such as tempered or laminated, to minimize further breakage. Glaziers help in installing custom-cut mirrors and glasses in whichever the asset through the most skilled manner. Glass cutters will provide you with the measurements concerning the type of glass you require, but a glazier will measure and perform the fixing process.  

From the above differences, glaziers appear to be of more use than cutters. For instance, they do the measuring of the required glass and fix it as well. Cutters may not charge more expenses from their services since their work does not cover a large area. As for the glaziers, they will charge more on their work as it involves extensive areas. However, most people prefer to go for glaziers than cutters because you will have to pay the cutter and the glazier, resulting in huge expenses.

Tips on selecting a suitable cutter

The type of head

The tool has two types of cutting heads, which include straight cutting and pattern cutting. The pattern cutting head is narrow and rotates about 360 degrees, while the straight cutting head has a broader outlook, and it does not rotate. Depending on the type of pattern one wants to make on the glass, the user has a great choice to make.

Composition of the cutting wheel

Steel is the most used material on glass cutting tools because it is economical, but tungsten carbide is the recommended material. So, the choice of cutter depends on the user. 


Most users buy self-oiling cutters because of their mechanical oil refill property.  


The sharpness of the glass cutters does depend on the wheel hone angle. Larger angles are a bit sharper than the smaller ones. The sharp cutters usually make it easier for one to be able to make a score line.

Grip as well as comfort 

Excellent glass cutters should be able to feel comfortable in hand. It is essential for it to have a very nice feel and should not be slippery or even too rough. The pistol-shaped handles usually offer more grip in relation to pencil-shaped ones. Size also does determine the level of grip and comfort. The size which you shall opt for should not be too short or even too long with the moderate thickness of the handle. 

Should you have a glass cutter at home? 

This is an essential question with regard to the glass cutters. Yes, it is essential to have them at home. However, it is important to ensure that you keep it away from the reach of children as it can cause some serious cuts to children as it is sharp. The choice of an excellent glass cutting tool can be able to make it useful for cutting purpose as well as make purchase worthy. 

Cutters appear in different types and sizes, depending on the type of design one wants to make on the glass. The majority of designers use steel while designing the tools because of its economic value; however, it does not last long. That is why they opted for Tungsten carbide material because it is long-lasting.

Many cutters exist in the market; however, it is good to look out for the latest cutters because they use the latest technology to design glasses. They will also give you efficient time as you carry out the cutting activities, and the resulting outcomes will not disappoint you. We hope this article will help you drain your stress and confusion while selecting glass cutters.

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