5 ways to get job in this Lockdown4 min read

In this Lockdown, Laid off and internships are dominated a lot wondering how you can find a job in these uncertain times. In this Blog we have some solution for you. What all MBA’s get into fans of the world? By fans we mean the Facebook’s Amazon’s Netflix and Google of the world. What so how do you find a good job Digitally? Let’s check out the five ways to do this.

 Linkedin & Social Media

Use Linkedin and social media sound easy! Well not quite first you have to Shortlist right opportunity that fits your profile and Interest then you have to find people from your shortlisted companies on LinkedIn Facebook Twitter Etc and connect with them next to shoot out messages to these people and ask reference but do not Spam these people. This exercise head you connect with the right people and you never know when that will be useful 

Nina Mufleh way

 Nina wanted to get into Airbnb should try to get in touch with the company through emails and job listings, but there is no luck for Nina then decided to take her prep up a notch. she created a stunning resume that mirrored the Airbnb website and the time Nina had approved Airbnb many times but never got shortlisted for an interview but with this digital resume, she not only shared her profile at her XP. she also shared her insights about the travel industry and how a baby could perform better so how did this help her land a job at Airbnb her digital profile showed the company her commitment ownership and her ability to strategize. In fact, she got interview calls from uber and LinkedIn as well you too can build a digital resume on profile showcasing your work and achievements share art music products you have worked on logs you have written or photos and videos even made dress up your profile for the job you want to get noticed by recruiters for being proactive. Know more about About Nina Mufleh Way

 Reddit & Quora

 Use Reddit and Quora, do you remember seeing questions like how to get into Google? how to get into Amazonhow to get into McKinsey? on popular discussion platforms like Reddit and Quora. Check out the answers to these questions they are written by experts who might have worked in these companies.

so how does this help you find a job?  well just like what you did use Linkedin if you can reach out to these people asking for a reference chance are they’ll help you get in touch with the company a charge to find work


Look at Freelance remote work opportunities. Let’s Admit it due to the global Pandemic, the economy is bound to get affected and add that the job market to. in fact, they might be a few opportunities out there right now and in the near future, so why not ship to Freelance. There is a lot of websites like Freelancer Or Upwork where you can find for alarms and remote work opportunities. In fact, you can also sign up on the campus conversation app by inside the IIM. if you are an MBA student looking for opportunities, don’t forget to check it outreach out to Recruiters on these websites and take the fellas route when finding a job seems difficult. 

  College Alumni Network

Reach out to the college alumni network if you are a student in some of India’s top B’sschools you will have access to Vast alumni network after shortlisting which companies you wish to work for reach out to your school alumni ask for reference this will definitely help you land a job you need so these are the five ways you can get hired digitally make your own profile stand out by building a website and linking it to your social media etc. reach out to recruiters on AngelList or Tech staffing Companies and choose to fill ours connect with recruiters or social media connect with employees and ask for reference through Reddit and Quora reach out to your college alumni network we hope you liked five things we mentioned in the comment section below tell us what are the things you are doing to find a job digitally!



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