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Hey, my name is Marc and I am a 17 years old student from Germany.
I created my first Instagram page when I was 16.
One year ago, I didn’t really know what I was doing with my life. My life was all about going to school, playing video games, watching Youtube and sleeping.
To be honest, much didn’t change. I still do all those things, but besides that I also build myself a fast growing 1 million follower Instagram network which makes me a passive income.

Here are Some Numbers


When I was 15 years old I never had more then 20$ in my bank account.
I always had big dreams in my life but I was honestly never interested in working for them until one day in school it was announced that we had 3 months to apply for an internship.
My grades in school were not that great at the time, probably because I was too lazy and procrastinated a lot.

I started applying for an internship way too late. My options were very limited at that point. However with much luck and a little bit of help from my father I got an internship at a local software company.

I first I was happy about it but at the second day of the job I already hated it. I sat in front of a computer 8 hours every day for 2 weeks writing and correcting programs for industrial machinery.


At this point I knew, if I wouldn’t start working on my dreams, I would be stuck at a job like this for the rest of my life.

I tried a lot of things. First I started reselling consoles and phones on Ebay which allowed me to save up a bit of money. I was then looking for opportunitys to build a supstential business. I discovered dropshipping.

I watched almost every video on Youtube about the topic. Full of enthusiasm I then started building my first shop. The shop was ready and it now came to advertising it. I tried many different facebook ads strategies and tactics but ultimately it just didnt work out for me. I lost a lot of money trying it. I was totally frustrated. But my will to succeed was still there…

I was looking for new ways to make money. I lost almost all the money I earned from reselling so my options were limited.

I was looking trhough Youtube when I stumbled upon a video of Yes Theory where they tried to get free stuff with the help of their following. I had another idea. I was never really comfortable showing my face on camera, so I was looking for ways that wasn’t necessary. I started my first Instagram account. I was so subscrbring to many different pages and was looking at what they were doing.

I discovered that the content they were posting wasn’t actually theirs and they were making money with it. I didn’t know how much they were making with their accounts at that point.


At this point I was so determined to make this business a success because I knew that if I gave up on it I wouldn’t start a third time.  My first Instagram account was a car page. I spend every free minute of mine to grow it and to interact with other people.

After about 3 days of constantly engaging with other people, posting and following people like crazy I hit my first 100 subscribers. I was extremely happy. I continued the process until I was at about 2.000 subscribers. Even though it was satisfying to see my subscriber count grow every day I was still making no money at all. My moral sank. I continued to grow the account to about 5.000 Subscribers and was honestly already thinking about quitting at that point.

That’s when someone posted an obvious advertisement in one of my engagement groups I was using at the time. I didn’t think much about it at first but I decided to take a closer look at it. The post was an advertisement for a car enthusiast key chain. I checked the caption of the ad. An Instagram page was linked on it and I checked it out. In their bio they stated they were looking for people to promote their product.

I quickly messaged them and even though I only had about 5.000 Subscribers at the time, the account had some really decent engagement. One day later I got a reply asking for my promo prices. I wasn’t really sure what I should answer so I asked the people in my engagement group what I should answer. A bigger account replied 5$ to me, I was honestly hoping to make some more but I was also grateful that I could make my first bit of money.

I replied to the account asking for my promo rates and we agreed on 5$. He send me the money and I made a post for him. I made my first bit of money on Instagram.


The very same day I started two more accounts. I was more sure then ever that I have finally found a business that could actually work.
And oh boy did it work…

The accounts I created that day are at over 150k subscribers now and every account I created since then was a total success.
I had some minor setbacks on the way but I let nothing stop me.

Today, one year later, I run an Instagram network with over 1 million subscribers and I help other people to improve their growth, engagement and conversions on Instagram.

Everything I will show you in this guide, every tactic and every strategy was also used to grow my pages and will help you achieve the same growth and engagement my pages have, if applied right.

You will also find out about many ways to monetize your Instagram page and possibly make thousands of dollars passively every single month.

PS: If you buy the guide and send me a DM afterwards with your feedback I have a little surprise for you.

Get the Instagram Millions Guide now and build your own Instagram Empire!

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