Diabetics, The Root Cause Of Cataracts

Nearly two-thirds of the Indian population is suffering from Diabetics. Diabetic is a common disease that has no permanent cure which indirectly makes you suffer from Cataracts. The only way to keep you safer is to maintain your blood sugar level. Maintaining your blood sugar level helps you to eliminate the cataract growth in your eyes. Diabetic patients have a higher chance of getting affected by Cataract eye sickness.

Cataract, An Extra Bonus With Diabetic

Cataracts seem to like an added bonus to diabetic patients. Yes, when you(diabetic) do not show importance to the treatment, the raising sugar level destroys the blood vessels in your body. Thus the blood passing in the optic nerves also gets affected. This blood tissue damage creates cataract growth in your eyes. Some common symptoms show that you got affected by cataracts like headaches, double vision and cloudy vision. These are the commonly found cataract symptoms in most diabetic patients. Nearly 45% of diabetic patients suffering from cataracts in their lifetime. 

The eye vision will not be clear when you have cataracts. The symptoms started to show you when you cross the age of 48 years old. Cataracts can be cured by undergoing eye surgeries. The surgical method depends on your health condition and the severity of the cataract. The eye illness makes you uncomfortable sighting objects. This kind of trouble makes you tumble the vision. 

Can A Diabetic Patient Undergo Cataract Surgery?

The diabetic patient can undergo surgery to remove the cataract growth. They can undergo surgery once their sugar level is maintained within the permissible limit. Generally, it is advisable for diabetics to maintain their sugar level for at least two weeks before the commencement of the surgery. The ophthalmologists ensure your sugar level is maintained at the time of surgery to avoid unwanted complications post-surgery. The ophthalmologists measure and record the details of your eye lens to make an artificial lens fit within your eye. The artificial lenses perform the same function of eye lenses. The most commonly suggested eye surgery is Laser. The operational time of cataract eye surgery consumes within the range of 25 to 40 minutes per eye. The complexity of the surgery depends on the patient’s health condition. 

Reasons For The Slower Recovery Rate In Diabetic Patients

 As the patients already suffer from diabetics, they recover quite slower than the normal cataract patients. This is mainly due to the effect of blood sugar levels on their health condition. When normal patients regain their crystal clear vision within one week, the diabetic patients regain between 10 to 14 days. There are some chances where diabetic patients do not regain their clear vision. This kind of case happens when the patients suffer from diabetic retinopathy. But by undertaking further treatment and medication, diabetic patients can regain their eye vision. 

Best Way To Stay Away From Cataract

The est way to safeguard your eyes from cataracts is to maintain better health with an optimum level of blood sugar levels. Eating healthier foods make you avoid the possibility of contracting cataracts. We strongly recommend you consult the ophthalmologists if you find any trace of cataract symptoms at the early stage which helps you stop the further growth of cataracts. It will be difficult for you to undergo the surgery as it ends up in more complications. Do a regular check-up on your diabetic health test to ensure that you are fit enough to take the eye surgery. 

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