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In today’s fast-paced digital environment, quick communications is something that all people look forward to. Well, video communications are one of the fastest modes of communication in present virtual times. Real-time video conversations tend to bridge the gap between your business and customers. Have you been thinking of building a video chat app for your business? In this article, we are going to discuss creating a live video call api. Keep reading and stay with us. 

Choose a video call API that scales

You must perform market research before selecting your video chat API. Make sure that your chat API addresses all your requirements. Your chosen video chat API should be highly flexible and scalable and be able to produce real-time video experiences. It should be able to provide you with a live video experience and that too in high definition. Also, the API should be able to conduct live broadcast and stream it directly on social media channels like YouTube and Facebook. 

Best features of an efficient video calling API 

Given the growing relevance of digitalization, communication patterns have witnessed a significant change. Gone are the days when physical presence was essential for building meaningful business relations. A video chat app can help you build the right relations with your customer. However, building it from scratch can be a long procedure. Here comes the role of a video chat API. Let’s discuss some of the best features that make for an efficient API. 

Video call recording 

This feature allows you to review your conversations for quality check and audit purposes. You can record video calls with customers for comprehending feedback and working for better customer satisfaction. 

Online active speaker 

This feature helps an active speaker in a video session to be differentiated from the rest of the participants. With this function, the most active talkers will be displayed on the screen for better understanding of the topic being discussed. 

Breakout chat room 

With breakout chat rooms, you can create small one-on-one video chat rooms for relevant business discussions. So, basically you can split the participants of a larger video chat group to form various small chat rooms. 

Dashboard feature 

A dashboard feature can help you manage all your video chat activities at one place. With this feature, you can gain useful insights on your video call integration performance and other important parameters concerning customer satisfaction and experience. 


Privacy is one of the major concerns for any business activity. Most of the well-structured APIs are end-to-end encrypted and provide for a safe and secure communication platform. So, all the media sharing and conversations are protected and communication privacy is ensured. 

Global media areas 

Leveraging video conferencing for boosting business productivity is now becoming a fast-paced trend.  With this feature, you can host media traffic in your preferred locations in order to abide by local regulations. 

Individual pinning 

This feature allows you to pin one or more video participants on the screen. It does not matter whether they are active talkers or not. You can view a specific participant by pinning them to your screen. This way, you can adjust the layout of the screen according to your own preference. 

Online video streaming 

 It allows you to connect with your customers in real-time and offer them the best customer service and experience. Also, a live video chat helps you boost your sales process. Most importantly, live video streaming helps you connect with a wide range of audience at the same point of time and expand your business reach. 

Controlled participation

This is a great API feature as it tends to protect privacy and security. In this, the host of the video meet has full authority on the allowance of user participation. One can only be allowed to participate in the video chat if the host confirms. 

Screen sharing options 

One of the top ways for conducting successful business operations. Screen sharing option helps in collaborating with team mates better. During a video call, the whole screen can be shared or a single window. 

SIP interconnectivity


This advanced API feature allows a video call participant to enter the chat room as a voice caller.  The user should have a SIP endpoint.  A PSTN or mobile number can also work. 

Network adjustability

With this feature, video quality will automatically adjust according to your network status.  This ensures that your meetings are not interrupted by bad networks. 

Waiting room

This feature ensures that participants wait till the time the host lets  them join the call. With this feature, there are less chances that an unknown or unwanted person will join the chat. 

How video call APIs are leveraged in different industries?

The popularity of utilizing video calls for business is gaining pace in almost all industries. And this is the reason, all industries are looking forward to building a one-on-one video chat app for  interacting with customers and boosting engagement. In this section, we shall talk about how different industries or sectors or business areas leverage the power of video API. 

Customer relationship management 

Effective communication strategies are essential for expanding your customer base.  And this leads to higher conversions and a boost in overall business sales. With real-time video interactions, businesses can take a close look at customers’ challenges and help them resolve all issues that they might be facing with the product/service. Such personalized attention can fill all gaps between your business and your customers. 

KYC support

When you integrate video calls in KYC processes, it becomes easier to maintain compliance, alleviate fraud and accelerate customer onboarding.  Video-enabled KYC can be adopted by payment gateways, financial companies, banking institutions, and others. 

Live business broadcasting 

Video call APIs can be leveraged for live broadcasting to convey business messages to a large chunk of audience at the same time. The best part about highly advanced APIs is that it allows you to record such live streaming videos for future propagation among your audience. This helps in expanding your business reach and visibility. 

Business collaboration

Video APIs have features that support group video calls. These help you collaborate efficiently with your team, business partners and customers. Such instant connection opens the door to new business possibilities and growth. 

CONTUS MirrorFly – Advanced & secure API for boosting video chats 

CONTUS MirrorFly is a self-hosted communication solution with a complete power-packed video-oriented features. It is a 100% customizable, feature-rich video calling API & SDK.  CONTUS MirrorFly comes with 150+ features in our video calling software.  It provides you with a suite of features such as live broadcasting, unlimited calling, low latency, video recording, and much more.  And the most important thing is that it protects chat privacy via end-to-end encryption.  


Video communication can work wonders for your business in given virtual times. And efficient APIs can help you build the right video chat app for your business. It can enable you to conduct one-on-one video chat with your customers and boost engagement. What are you waiting for? Make way for top-grade communications with efficient video chat apps. 

Good luck with your video interactions! 


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