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Now we discussed the Best Bluetooth speaker roundup a year ago and Last year sony was a clear winner back then but in the past one year, there has been a lot of new releases from Xiaomi Carvan mini or even boat, the question has to be asked which is the best Bluetooth speaker in India under Rs. 5000. 

In this, we have listed the Best Bluetooth speaker under Rs.5000






6.BOAT 1400

Now we have seen about the first, newly released, ME outdoor speaker and as the name suggests it’s meant to be used outdoors for instance it’s small enough to fit in the most pocket and feels pretty rugged too it also has an ipx5 rating which means it can withstand light splashes of water or even running tap.

 so if it’s holy or a pool party you can safely bring it to action another reason it’s made for the outdoor use is the great battery life it promises to give you 20 hours of juice on a full charge, so if you’re going out for a weekend trip, you might not even have to charge it once taking a closer look the design somewhat reminds me of google nest mini, and like most of the Xiaomi product, it feels premium and minimal.


On one side we have the power and playback button a micro USB and aux port on the next side and then a volume control on the other in terms of audio quality you can expect a good enough audio for the size. Overall if you are looking for a portable bluetooth speaker which has a decent audio quality battery life and water-resistant then this one of the Best Bluetooth speakers.


Now we have discussed the next Best Bluetooth speaker under Rs.5000. the infamous saregama Carvan mini and the first impression it doesn’t look as classy as the original CARAVAN but more like a generic Bluetooth speaker it comes with three modes the retro sarigama which plays 351 pre-loaded songs across different eras from legends like latamangeshkar asabo slay Kishor Kumar etc.

It has the FM mode which you can use with the built-in antenna and finally the Bluetooth mode with which you can pair your computer or phone and use it like a regular Bluetooth speaker taking a closer look at the speaker you get the regular music controls like play pause next previous etc at the bottom it has the aux a mini USB port for charging and a recent button although there is one big caveat the 300 pre-loaded songs that come in this are set in a single playlist which means you cannot shuffle the playlist as you can do in the original car 1, so out of 350 pre-loaded songs you have to listen to them in the same order.


There is no way to jump to a particular song or shuffle the playlist which can be boring after a while but then again these devices are mostly meant as a gift to your parents and we guess they won’t be as picky as millennials other than that the audio quality and the loudness are pretty decent good enough for a single big room or a kitchen or even a balcony. so who should buy this well if you’re looking for a Bluetooth speaker you will definitely find a better alternative at cheaper prices however if you’re looking for something which you can give to your parent or if you prefer 90 songs yourself then this is a perfect one for you and consider the Bluetooth part as an added bonus in saregama carvan mini.

Now we discussed the other best Bluetooth speaker is the amazon eco portable earlier we used to suggest smart speakers like google nest mini or eco.3 but the problem with them is the constant power source finally, we have the true replacement echo input portable not only it connects with the phone or pc to work as a Bluetooth speaker but italso has elixir smart assistant built-in.

so that you get the best of both worlds we were built by amazon but we here to help you like all the Bluetooth speaker it has a rechargeable battery which lasts 8 to 10 hours on a full charge and the audio is pretty decent too, in fact, it’s quite richer in quality and nothing like any of the speakers in this list the only thing that it misses out on is the no water-resistant and it’s a bit bulky to carry around but overall if you have a good wi-fi connection and you need a Bluetooth speaker maybe give this echo input portable.

Now we have seen the next best Bluetooth speaker is sony was the one and it’s so good that we will recommend it again three reasons battery mic and audio quality now since we have reviewed this before we will keep the description short however, the biggest reason we recommend this is the audio quality now there are a lot of Bluetooth speakers that are louder and cheaper like both stone 200 however, their audio quality isn’t quite clear and definitely not the loud kind of like the Chinese phone we used to have back in the days however sony has the best audio quality out of all now not just that the battery level is also 16 hours.


While all the other speakers only offer six to eight hours and it also has a high p67 rating so even if you use it under the water it should work and finally if you are taking a lot of zooms calls these days well this one also has a built-in mic yes it’s the only one with the built-in mic. so it should work fairly well for you overall if you’re looking for a good portable waterproof speaker then sony’s the one for you it not only has a great battery life and a mic which is missing in all the other speaker but it also comes with a great audio quality something which is not loud enough for a house party but definitely enough for a single room or even a car.

Next, we have the portable Bluetooth speaker for your next house the party then Jbl Flip3 is the one that, we recommend in fact it’s the one that we going to use from now on there’s a power button to turn it off or on, and then there is led light indicators to show the battery level and if you open the lid there’s a micro USB charging and aux cable so yeah you can use it in your car as well but of course, we would have appreciated type c, so that we don’t have to carry an extra cable.


Whenever we traveling next up we have the buttons to play pause and the Bluetooth button to put the speaker on pairing mode and finally, volume buttons to adjust the volume level now speaking of volume it’s not only the loudest one for the size but the audio quality is pretty decent too the thumping jbl base well that’s for real it should be more than enough for a small house party or even a 2bhk not to forget it also has ipx7 waterproofing so using it near a pool shouldn’t be any problem, unfortunately, there is no mic, so we can’t use it for voice calls or zoom calls overall if you’re looking for a loud yet portable speaker this fits the build.

BOAT 1400

BOAT 1400

Finally, the biggest and the loudest of all Boat 1400 usually boat is known for affordable speakers like boat 200 which is quite popular but not that great.

However Boat 1400 lies more in the premium segment we mean just take a look at the speaker it not only looks premium but also feel rugged and the audio well we will come to that in a bit it comes with a strap to carry it around and although as you can see it’s no way a portable speaker it won’t fit in many bags now taking a closer look at the speaker on the top, you get the power on-off button followed by the generic volume up downplay and pause button, etc.

However, there is a new equalizer button which toggles between indoor and outdoor mode the order is a little bit louder now the speaker itself is ipx5 rated for water-resistant which means you can use it near the pool or with light splashes of water and for connectivity it has type c yeah finally a speaker with type c charging port and then there is also aux out and USB port now finally let’s talk about the audio quality well this is a 30-watt speaker to give you a perspective most speakers in this list are 5 to 10 watt and even most 32-inch televisions only have 20 watts.


Now we concluded all the above of the Best Bluetooth speaker under RS.5000. pick an overall winner it has to be sony again it not only has a mic and ip67 waterproofing which nobody on the list does but it also has a great audio quality not the loudest one on the list. so if we looking for the loudest one Boat 1400 is the only option although it’s not the most portable one so if you want the loudest and portable then go for the jbl one we don’t really recommend the Xiaomi speaker and sari gamma caravan  mini is more like a gifting option, either way, do let me know which Bluetooth speakers and finally the biggest and the loudest of all is Boat 1400.

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