5 Best Round Smart Watches in 20206 min read

The world of smartwatches has evolved greatly and today they offer a wide variety of options and designs with operating systems that offer stability and great functionality for technology lovers if we have decided to buy a SmartWatch but are not sure which one to choose today. So Now welisted the Best round smartwatches in 2020.

THE TICWATCHES II is powered by mtk mt6589 whereas allows you to enjoy all the advantages of the system developed by Google and offers you excellent navigation through the different watch functionalities in addition we can use a large number of applications of your choice as it supports the main applications and functionalities such as text messaging email music Google assistant and even whats app.

Android users have the extra advantage that ticka watch also allows to make and receive calls and answer messages right from our wrist this functionality is aimed of health enthusiasts as it is integrated to Health application besides you can also download your favorite fitness applications like Google fit it also has a built-in GPS and heartrate monitor it has a lightweight design made of polycarbonate which makes it very resistant and also suitable for any occasion its design is a little more formal than the tic watch s and is available in three finishes black lemon and ice in addition you can customize it to your own personal tastes with different interchangeable watch bands it has a large 1.4 initial laid screen with a resolution of400/400 covered with scratch-resistant glass and with 287 DPI which produces an excellent text and image quality you can also change your display with a variety of watch faces available at the Google Play Store tic watch e has a 300 milliamps battery that can last two days but applications like GPS will make the battery less durable.

HUAWEI WATCH 2 SPORT is the successor to Hawaii’s first SmartWatch the watch it has an Android wear 2.0 operating system.

Android wear 2.0 allows for compatible apps to connect to the internet directly over Wi-Fi or cellular connection it also features a snap you can wear 2100 processor 4 gigabyte of internal storage which allows you to save your favorite music apps and or 768 megabytes of RAM GPS Bluetooth Wi-Fi heart rate sensor barometer and more this new design available in black orange or grey is more ergonomic comfortable lightweight and provides more stability when exercising.

In addition, it is very versatile as it is compatible with any standard 22-millimeter straps and you can personalize its face to your preference the SmartWatch has a 1.2 inch AMOLED circular screen 390 / 390 pixels and 326 dpi covered by Corning Gorilla Glass his 420 milliamps battery can last more than two days and get even longer battery.

Next, we discuss the another BEST SMARTWATCHES, this watch mode 3 fossil Gen 4 explores fossil blends it’s a classic design with new technology advances in the fossil Gen 4 explores.

It features where West 2.0 it has a coal comps network and where 2100 processor with 4 gigabytes of storage capacity all devices have Bluetooth 4.1 Low Energy in Wi-Fi this design is a 45-millimeter round face of stainless steel making it suitable for both men and women there is a wide variety of styles to choose from but it also has easily interchangeable straps that are compatible with different 22-millimeter models and more than 36 style designs that allow for customization it offers different modes of low light sphere and screen always on which optimize energy consumption allowing the user to check the time at every moment without having to activate it this battery can last up to a maximum of 24 hours depending on its use which is not very impressive if we compare it with other smartwatches but the point in favor is that it has a quick charger.

Tic Watch Pro is considered The Best SmartWatch and one of the best wear OS alternatives as we have already highlighted where OS integrates all the power and functionality of Google such as google play music google play and google assistant.

This SmartWatch has a snafu can wear 2100 processor 512 megabytes of RAM and 4 gigabytes of internal storage and when some of its most outstanding features are integrated the speaker in the device ip68 resistance to water and dust Bluetooth 4.2 Wi-Fi NFC for Google pay GPS and device and heart rate sensor the tick watch pro is made of a combination of carbon fiber and nylon and its bottom is made of stainless steel which makes it a very resistant watch its design is simple and very similar – a traditional large-size watch that at first glance does not indicate being a SmartWatch B comes with a the leather strap that has a thin layer of silicone on the back but accepts standard 22-millimeter straps this most outstanding feature is its double-layer screen that brings together the best of the old lade screens the first screen consists of a 1.3 9 inch LCD panel that provides basic information such as time nanotech a shoe to avoid excessive battery consumption the second is a 1.3 9 inch AMOLED screen with 400 / 400 resolution that allows access to the features of a SmartWatch at the touch of a button this new technology allows for lower power consumption and battery life for 3 to 5 days it also has an essential mode that bypasses the smart features and extends the battery to 30 days but still counts the steps, in addition, is charging base has a quick charging system number.

This is the first among The top 5 best round smartwatchesthe Galaxy watch represents the new generation of Samsung smartwatches it has an XIN91 10 dual-core processors with 1.5 gigabytes of RAM in its LT variant and 768 megabytes of RAM in its Bluetooth variant it also has 4 gigabytes of storage Bluetooth GPS and Wi-Fi there are hundreds of applications created exclusively for the Galaxy watch so its versatility functionality and performance has nolimits it’s very drowned cases have different lighting effects and areequipped with the characteristic hands and ticking sound making it look like a real watch you can choose between a 42-millimeter case and midnight black and rose gold or 46 millimeter and silver and customized the faces as you wish it is also compatible with 20 and 22-millimeter straps the Galaxy watch has a 1.3 inch Super AMOLED screen with a 360/360-pixel resolution that you can adjust to see the time of day or night it is waterproof up to 5 atm and has a military protection certificate.

Iit has a 472 milliamps battery that can be charged when placed on its wireless base an innovative feature of the galaxy watch is that it allows you to connect with your surroundings with the whole lot function you can control different objects such as your home appliances using customized commands according to your activities the price of the Galaxy watch fluctuates at $300.

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