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In this blog, we like to list the five best Power Bank options for you.. we’ve ranked these products based on many hours of research and testing. 

Things You Should Know Before Buying

Let’s get started before buying Power banks we should consider the capacity of the power banks. and also consider the capacity of the charger this is the most important factor that you have to consider before buying such a device. because it’ll give you an idea of whether a power bank will be able to charge the device that needs charging feed a smartphone tablet or even a laptop in the high-end cases.

The capacity of the Device

You also have to know the factory capacity of your device just take a look at the specifications of your smartphone or tablet on the Internet. We recommend getting a power bank with a bit more capacity than it takes for a full charge and optimally you should go for multiple charges.

The Output of the Device

Output charge current this is the second most important thing after the capacity. this will determine how fast your power bank will be able to charge your device it’s just not convenient and useful if you have a power bank with a large capacity that charges at a very slow pace so for that reason you should get something that can handle a great performance these days. you also find power banks that charge very quickly and while not causing any damage to your smartphone or tablet.

Ports Availablity

The number of ports is a crucial factor you have to check out before buying a power bank. In early, power banks are just one output port however in the last few years with advancements in technology they’ve delivered us the power banks that have multiple ports. check the number of ports but also pay attention to whether charging multiple devices at the same time will decrease the performance of the power bank and 


when buying a power bank you also have to think about the portability the whole thing because more often than not you’ll not use it in the comfort of your home power banks deliver a portable charging solution. 

size and weight of the device aren’t suited for that you should probably look at different options.

So here the list of 5 Best Power banks In India 2020

1. AUKEY Wireless Power Bank 

2. RAVPower USB-C

3. AUKEY USB C Power Bank

4. Anker PowerCore 20100mAh

5. Omni 20+

The AUKEY Wireless Power Bank the biggest selling point of the AUKEY wireless power bank is just as its name implies it’s wireless charging feature something that not a lot of power banks cant provide.

it’s also a pretty small device and it measures about 5.8 / 2.95 inches and it’s just 0.55 inches thick meaning it’s as large as your typical iPhone with a protective casing this allows the device to be carried around in gene pockets without any problem.

The Aukey wireless power bank weighs just 250gm which might be a little heavier than a smartphone but still pretty good in terms of design the Aukey wireless power bank has a matte graphene finish that looks pretty Look. It has a textured finish that’s pretty resistant to any scratches and smudges and also that texture makes it easy to hold without dropping.

The side of the Aukey wireless power bank, you’ll spot the MicroUSB charging port for the power bank. The power button and the green LED that informs you about the power capacity.

It is wireless charging which means you can charge four devices at the same time this charger has an 8000 mAh capacity which translates to about 6000 mAh this is enough for charging most phones twice.

The RAVPower USB-C this is one despite being pretty affordable that has some high-end features such as it’s excellent design durability and super large capacity.

Ravpower USBC comes with a classic rectangular design that’s present in most power banks out there. however, it has some pretty nice touches in the design department that make it very aesthetically pleasing feature like textured matte black finish on the front and it’s accompanied by a glossy panel and everywhere else it’s smooth with a matte black finish the mixture of these surfaces give it a pretty pleasing high-end look. 

The connectivity ports on the left you’ll see the input ports Lightning and micro USB and on the right, there are the three output ports including USB type a with QC 3.0 USB type a with I smart 2.0 and USB type-c port which is in the middle which delivers a great performance 

The raft power USB C has a super large capacity of about 20,000 mAh which is more than enough to recharge your iPhone a whopping 6 times. 

We can charge three devices at once or can charge both my MacBook Pro and iPhone at the same time. it is great overall especially for the

price if you’re looking for a mid-range model. 

The AUKEY USB C Power Bank is the best option for having a large capacity of power. Its also designed pretty attractive and super slim body and super portable  

AUKEY USB C Power Bank is super portable especially for its 20,000 mAh capacity the whole thing measures 5.9 by 2.8 inches in total and it’s just 0.9 inches thick. 

This power Bank weighs about 377 Gm in total which is a bit substantial but you have to think about its capacity and its size which all make it very portable. Connectivity ports AUKEY USB C Power Bankon one end you’ll spot two USB type-A ports, two USB type-c port and a micro USB input.

The charging capacity is about 20,000mAh but its real-world output capacity is a bit lower than its actual. although this device being able to charge your tablet and phone at the same time without any problem. 

It is one of the most trusted brands in this category, Anker PowerCore 20100mAh this is one of the best power banks that your money can buy. It’s pretty cheap and also very portable has an excellent design and so much more.

The Anker PowerCore 20100mAh is one of the smallest power banks out there in the beginning when the company first started its power banks were pretty large and not very attractive.

however, they improved every year and this one here is just flawless product it has rounded edges and it’s very easy to carry. 

The connectivity ports that include two USB ports and a micro USB port that works pretty well overall with this you can charge two devices at the same time without the problem. Its large capacity you can charge the latest iPhone for about six or seven times before needing to recharge your device and on top of that, you can also charge your tablet or something else. this power bank is that it takes about ten hours to recharge which is a bit annoying.

The Omni 20 plus this power bank with its high quality build wireless charging feature, OLED screen, slim design and large capacity and much more

Classic rectangular block it also pretty portable for its capacity and features it measures 5 by 4.8 Inches and thickness around 0.9 inches and weighs about 634Gm which is a bit large.

The connectivity options are pretty rich on the Omni 20 plus as it rocks to USB a port the USBC fault DC port and an American AC outlet to top it off that’s not all though as on the top of the panel of the device you will charge your mobile devices that have the wireless charging feature the OLED panel is very intuitive and the DC port allows you to charge anything from 12 to 20 volts at five amps in real-life situations the Omni 20 plus worked extremely well as you can charge your laptop and your smartphone at the same time

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